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New circuit and dashboard for EMONCMS

As i wrote in my previous post i made a new circuit for monitoring my new PV Solar with EMONCMS.

The inverter of PV Solar give me basic informations but these aren’t enough for my statistics:

CameraZOOM-20130907170013395 (Copia)


So with my new circuit for monitoring two current sensors and one voltage sensor (at the bottom of the pic) I modified the arduino sketch and changed my LCD from a 16×2 to a 20×4 for show more infos.

CameraZOOM-20130907165524697 (Copia)


With this upgrade my Smart Domotik panel seems much more complete:

CameraZOOM-20130907170140520 (Copia)


Then, I made 2 different dashboards in EMONCMS.

The first dashboard show me a simple visualization of instant and day statistics:


From left to right:

– Instant and daily home use of power

– Instant and daily production of PV Solar

– Instant and daily consumption from the network

– Instant and daily power delivery to the network


The second dashboard is a more detailed view of the situation:





Now all is under control 🙂

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    • Luca

      Hi, you can contact me: luca @
      I don’t understand what you would like but it’s not a problem to develop a new pcb for you.
      Please explain better what you need and I’ll try to help you.

      I don’t know if could interest you, but i’m already building a new arduino shield with 2 current sensors and a 20×4 LCD display on top of it.

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