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Month: April 2014

Creare un E-Commerce con WordPress e WooCommerce

WordPress è un CMS dalle grandi potenzialità e negli anni si è sviluppato molto arrivando a poter realizzare le più diverse tipologie di siti. L’unica “pecca” a mio avviso era la mancanza di un plug-in per E-Commerce di alto livello: c’erano vari plug-in, come WP e-Commerce e altri, ma tutti erano difficili da utilizzare e non ben integrati con WordPress.

Dopo anni di attesa il plug-in è arrivato e si chiama WooCommerce.

WooCommerce 2.0 from WooThemes on Vimeo.

How to disable mysql fulltext stopwords?

The stopword list is a list of most used words in english language. Common words such as “some”, “little”, “let” or “then” are stopwords and do not match if present in the search string.

Basically, fulltext searching for any of the stopwords would return (almost) all the entries, so MySQL ignores those words to reduce result pollution and for efficiency.

If the word starts with stopword, that word is returned, however if your word IS stopword, you are out of luck. Here is a list of build in stopwords in MySQL 5.0/5.1. Yeah, well this is so very exciting, but whole universe DOES NOT speak and write just english.

Rsync with SSH without prompting for password


Rsync is a free software computer program for Unix and Linux like systems which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate.

** Always use rsync over ssh because rsync does not provide any security while transferring data.

rsync over ssh (with password)

rsync -avz ssh /home/user/ user@

To use a different ssh port, e.g., 123:

rsync -avz 'ssh -p 123' /home/user/ user@

The terminal will prompt for password before proceed.

To rsync without prompting for password, we can generate a ssh public key and add it to backup server’s ssh authorized keys. Below are the steps.