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Month: July 2013

Checking for updates from inside a windows phone app


A few months ago, I started receiving some crash reports from one of my most successful apps, Geosense!

After fixing the issue and publishing an updated version of the app, until today I still get quite a few reports from the very same old version, but none from the updated one!

This has got me to think on the reason to why people don’t update their apps! Here are some reasons:

  • No constant internet connection
  • Removing the Store tile from the Home screen
  • Don’t care about updating apps!

fstab and mount

If you make a new entry in fstab it will not auto-mount. Therefore you must reload / refresh the entries. A reboot will do this but that is not a friendly way to do it. A quick way to reload new entries in /etc/fstab (fstab) is to use the mount command:

mount -a


How can I make the network boot before mountall in 12.10?

Sometime could happen that ubuntu try to mount fstab entries before network is up.

Look in /etc/rc0.d for the service, it will have S##service e.g. S35networking

Renaming it to S36mountall will make it load just after networking. Or make the number 99 and it will load last.

New PCB circuit for EMONCMS

Some days ago, I’ve mounted a PV Solar on the roof of my home.

It’s a 2.66 KW of SunPower E20/333 with a SUNNYBOY inverter.



Now, it’s time to upgrade my PCB circuit with a new one for measuring of 2 current sensors and 1 voltage sensor.

The circuit also controls one LCD display.

After about 1 hour of study with Eagle, it’s ready: