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Month: October 2011

How to change the scroll bar color for a ListBox in Windows Phone?


On windows Phone, you can easily use templates to change the default UI for most of the controls. In this post, I am giving an example of how to change the color of a scroll bar in a list box. The template I provided here is extensive and can use used to change many things in the ListBox. In the below ControlTemplate for the ListBox, notice the ScrollBar’s and the BackGround property for the ScrollBars, Changing this to you preferred color will give the scroll bar in what ever color you like.

How to stop toolkit transitions affecting performance

by Matt Lacey’s blog

I was recently debugging a performance issue in an app and couldn’t work out why the fill rate was so high based on what was on the page.

It was so high (>3.2) that it was definitely having a negative effect on performance. Depending on who you talk to, you’ll be told that the fill rate should be below either 2.5 or 3.0 to avoid affecting performance. In my experience, I’ve noticed performance impacted above a fill rate of 2.0 so I always aim to keep it below this.

The only exception I’ll accept is a panorama with a large background image.


Read Text File contents in Windows Phone 7 Application

By Usmanahmed blog

There are many threads on the web that speak of reading a text file in a Windows Phone 7 application however most of them target Isolated Storage which is required when you need to manipulate data during execution/runtime. Opposite to that there are scenarios when your application requires various forms of data avaialble as part of the application package itself and deployed on the client device rather than being manipulated during execution of your application.