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Tag: rancher

Migrating from Rancher 1 to Rancher 2 and K8S, our story – Part 1

Part 1 – From the beginning to Rancher 1

In Uala we always try to use last tecnologies in every part of our platform, from the Backend to the Frontend, and of course also on our Infrastructure.

About 5 years ago, when Docker started to be stable enough for create services able to be deployed everywhere we immediately wanted to try it.
We started with Dokku, a simple tool that do a basic work for put online a container, and after some weeks we was online with the first dockerized version of our Frontend.

From there, about 1 year later, we decided to create a dockerized version of our Backend and move it from Heroku to dedicated servers.

Move WordPress to a subdirectory with Rancher

About one year ago, I wrote about Create wordpress blog with docker and rancher and was a great thing have a blog full dockerized in our rancher infrastructure.

Today, I’ve another challenge: put a wordpress blog to a subdirectory of a domain, keeping the main site separated from the blog in different docker containers, well.. not so easy.

What we should have, is something like: -> docker container with our main site -> different docker container with only the blog

I spent lots of time for understand the right way to do this, and finally, I got it!