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Month: September 2012

apache/php, serving php files for download instead of executing them

I have seen a couple of threads like this, but they were not very helpful.

My problem is: When I try to execute my php files in my browser from my ubuntu hardy server, the browser offers to download the files instead of the server proccessing them.

whats worse the file it allows me to download is not the proccessed output but the “code” file. these files could have database name, password and what not. Not so good!!!

For some reason though, my webmin works. (probably because its https and not http)

First off all, it has worked before. I haven’t used it for quite a while, but resently i updated webmin to version 1.500 (dont know if this is the reason for my problems), but I just noticed problems after the update.

How to mount Windows Shared Folders on Debian


If you need to have easy access to Windows Shared Folders from your debian (or any other linux distro) steps are very easy!



Before starting, you need:

– Samba on your debian computer

– UserName and Password of a Windows User that can access to the shared folders

– The path of the folders (es. “//server/cartella” or “//”)

– Root access on your debian computer