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Optimize backup with IO e CPU priority

On my server, i need to backup my data and my databases about 2/3 times at day.

First, i compress folders with TAR, then i copy it with rsync to other servers in LAN.

Files are from 500MB to 2GB, so the transfer operation give my a heavy impact to server perfomance, with a Load from 5 to 7 (when the max should be 4 with my hardware) and sometime apache or mysql crash.




Now i found a solution that can give me the security of backup without an high load to my server.

First, i used CP instead of RSYNC, i’ve only 1 compressed file to copy, so RSYNC doesn’t give me advantage versus CP, and CP is more speedy.


Then, i found that i can limit the IO e CPU priority of CP command, so I can execute these backups during day when the server is in use.

Finally, the command is this:

ionice -c 3 nice -n 10 cp /FROM_FILE.tgz /TO_FILE.tgz --remove-destination

IONICE set the priority for I/O operations, and NICE set the priority for CPU/LOAD operation.




You can see the –help of every command for more details, or read this links:



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