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Find hidden content in mounted directories

You have a VPS or a server where you mounted some folders from a NAS / SAN, where for example you syncronize content or backup critical files.

Sometimes, the mount can be lost for various problems like bad network or a restart of the NAS.

What happen if the NAS go down and your server/VPS tries to backup files to mounted directory? Easy, it copies them to LOCAL folder where you think that is mounted NAS folders.

The problem is that you’ll NEVER see that content, and your disk space is obviously reduced and you don’t understand why.

Is there a way to view and delete this hidden content? YES!

Let’s take for example that you usually mount all your NAS folders to /mnt directory.

With this simple command:

mkdir mnt_not_mounted
mount --bind /mnt /mnt_not_mounted

You tell to the system to mount the /mnt folder in another directory where you can see all LOCAL files.

Now if you try to access to /mnt_not_mounted folder you will see all hidden content that you can delete if you don’t need it!


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